My Published Works

I have been privileged to have two of my works published, as follow:

Announcing a Flight Delay

Whether it is finding a taxi at a sprawling Asian airport, hunting for last second souvenirs in the Middle East, or unearthing treasures in seat back pockets; Jerry Dollar treats you to a hilarious insight into frequent air travel.  Spanning six continents and well over one million miles, Announcing a Flight Delay is a hilarious romp through the life of the career road warrior.

Whether you are a seasoned business traveler or a recreational wanderer, you are sure to relate to the predicaments the author finds himself in!

Print Version:

E-Book Version:

A Dollar’s Worth

Is there truly a Third Theory of Relativity?  Do emotional vampires walk amongst us?  Has every writer somehow been mystically cursed?

There is always a deeper meaning to be found within everyday events and situations.  While most people simply fail to take notice of the mundane, Jerry Dollar draws a much deeper connection.

The inspiration that he derives from the common and ordinary aspects of our lives has been collected in “A Dollar’s Worth.”  Originally published in blog format, these essays are certain to entertain and inspire all readers!

Print Version:

E-Book Version:

At the Top of the Ladder

It has been said that leaders are born, not made.  History has repeatedly proven just the opposite. Some of the greatest leaders throughout time have crafted their skills and abilities by turning to other leaders who came before them. Often, the essence of a leader can be found within a brief and powerful quote.

At the Top of the Ladder is a collection of leadership quotes that have guided Jerry Dollar as he scaled the corporate ladder. A former CEO twice, COO twice, and VP five times; Dr. Dollar has modeled his career path as a long journey in leadership, using the words of others as a guiding force.

Print Version:

E-Book Version:

Thank you for your continued support!

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