Because You Are

As a writer, I count on outside experiences, chance encounters, and unusual events to draw inspiration for my works.  Whether it is a blog, an essay, or even a book; my imagination always plays second fiddle to the real world around me.  I am blessed in that I have unusual powers of observation.  Granted, I am no Sherlock Holmes; but it is rare when something escapes my attention.

Once an event or encounter has made an impression upon me; the neurons fire up, the muse whispers in my ear, imagination runs rampant across the blank canvas, and before I know it the work is complete.  I do indeed lead a blessed life and I express my gratitude through the keyboard.

When I post a blog or publish a book; the very thought that I might touch the life of an individual I have never even met is perhaps the sweetest of all rewards.  Sure, a five-book, multimillion dollar publishing deal would not hurt my feelings; but it is the knowledge of a long distance human connection that keeps bringing me back to the art of the written word!

We are all the totality of our collective experience.  Family, friends, coworkers, acquaintances, and even strangers all have a hand in shaping who we are.  That wonderful fact holds true for me as well.  I am fortunate to have a large circle of personal relationships that support me in every way.  Add to that the 3,700+ people who are connected to me via Linked In, and I am surrounded by a wealth of human experience.  It is truly a rare day when I do not reach out to, or am contacted by, at least a dozen of my online connections.

Humanity inspires me, not unlike John Donne in Mediation XVII.  I am indeed a part of the main, and any man’s death diminishes me!  Observing the human condition, interacting with people constantly, and anticipating how my words will touch other souls; people in general  form the foundation for all of my literary endeavors!

People are often surprised at my view towards humanity, which I share freely.  It does not matter to me who you were.  I could care less what you might have been.  It is of little consequence who you may be some day.  Now for the real surprise, it even counts for naught who you are today.  What does matter to me is simply that you are!

“That you are” merits a definition from this humble scribe.  You are a being grounded in the light of beauty.  I see it in your eyes, I hear it in your voice, and I sense it in your touch.  You have been blessed with countless gifts, and I bear witness to your benevolence and kindness daily.  You hold infinite potential to better our world.  I gaze in wonder at the selfless and loving acts that you share with us every single day!

I am by no means a middle-aged male Pollyanna!   Fooling myself is not a habit I have just recently acquired.  I am all too aware of just how ugly, cruel, and sadistic we can be as a species.  I have shed a tear and uttered a curse under my breath upon learning of our inhumanity to one another!  But that is not who we are; rather, that is how we choose to act.  There is a difference, dear reader!

Oftentimes, I ask myself why I feel compelled to write.  It is a bittersweet curse; struggling with those times when inspiration is elusive and delighting when an essay simply writes itself.  I must confess that there are times when my very own words surprise me!  The reason fades away when I inevitably arrive at the conclusion that is simply a matter of joy!  There is no better motivator than that sense of completeness and connection that overwhelms the mind, body, and spirit when joy consumes you!

Do I write because of who you were?  Do I write because of who you are?  Do I write because of who you will be someday?  I write simply because you are!  For a brief sliver in time, you and I will connect in a precious shared moment.  It is something nobody else can claim.  It is event that will last throughout eternity.  We will share the beauty of the human experience.  For that, I will always be grateful.

About Jerry V. Dollar, Author, Humorist, Observer of the Human Condition

When not trekking around the globe, Jerry Dollar can be found in Colorado Springs, CO where he lives with his wife Robbi. Besides an affinity for writing and travel; he is also an avid bodybuilder, a very prolific reader, and an enthusiastic observer of the human condition. Jerry has published two books which are available on: Lulu, Amazon, Kindle, Nook, and IBook. "Announcing a Flight Delay" is a hilarious recap of the author's experiences as a million mile flyer. "A Dollar's Worth" is a collection of observations on the human condition, which originally appeared as blog posts. Dr. Dollar has served in various senior executive management capacities over the past 25 years. He has previously worked within the healthcare, insurance, software, and several other high technology industries. Jerry is recognized for his expertise in creating the foundations for emerging organizations to succeed in complex sales environments. He is also well known for his leadership in guiding technology companies through rapid growth phases. Jerry speaks five languages and has conducted business in over 70 countries on six continents. He holds particular expertise in the Latin American and Western European geographic areas. Dr. Dollar holds a BA in International Affairs, a BA in Spanish, an MBA in Marketing, and a PhD in Organizational Development. He has authored numerous professional articles, various training courses, and has conducted seminars and conferences around the world.
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