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On Your Bumper

No, this post is not about those wonderful individuals who decide to drive three feet off my car’s bumper at speeds in excess of seventy-five miles per hour!  To release my true feelings about those misguided souls would take at least … Continue reading

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Tailgating Through Life

I pride myself on being a courteous and careful driver.  This is the result of two key motivating factors; first, I have no desire to meet an untimely demise, and second, I care about each of the drivers around me.  … Continue reading

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Super Slo-Mo

I, along with millions of fans across the country, am lamenting the fact that we may not have a professional football season this year.  Minutes ago, a panel of federal judges confirmed the owner’s right to sustain the lockout.  In … Continue reading

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Answers on Page 92

When I am not staring at a blank computer screen, waiting for literary inspiration to mysteriously flow into my fingertips; I like to keep myself busy completing crossword puzzles.  I realize that there are countless online game web sites that … Continue reading

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Ankle Cuffed

Having endured a day with temperatures well in excess of one hundred degrees; my hound and I were enjoying a well anticipated walk in the park.  The sun had just set and the heat was slowly giving way to a … Continue reading

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